"Dave has helped me tremendously throughout my recovery journey. I’ve been sober since 2018, and would not be where I am today without the work we’ve done together. Dave is kind and honest and has an excellent sense of humor. He’s an incredible listener, and has been so instrumental in helping me build the strength and develop the tools to maintain a life of sobriety. Dave has held my hand throughout the learning process while also giving me the freedom to find my own way. I am truly blessed and grateful to have Dave in my life."

- CH, (F, 34)

“I have been working with David for one year now and I highly recommend him. Aside from being a remarkable therapist, David has the rare ability to take in people and understand their struggles from very early on, helping them quickly get a footing. The work that we have done has been the foundation for a number of really positive changes in both my career and home life. He has helped me make progress on some pretty tough issues and I can’t thank him enough.”

- SK (M, 54)

"Dave is an excellent therapist for me. I get what is most important from my work with him, accountability. We agree on things I want to work on, do more of, do less of, and we always come back to check on progress. I feel I am getting more tangible life results with him and this approach than I did when working with others. Dave has been “lovingly accountable” with me, and I am learning to treat myself the same way. He’s relatable, funny, and real."

- EC (M, 47)

"The strides I’ve made with David’s help have been invaluable. His counsel gives me the tools to manage my overwhelming anxiety and help keep my addiction recovery strong. I truly cherish David’s help. But, he is a Yankees fan: A small price to pay for stellar counseling."

- EL, (M, 62)

"After I completed an IOP for alcohol abuse, my counselor strongly suggested that I consider working with a therapist in order to dissipate the shame, the anger and self-loathing that engulfed me. I was referred to David Shein. My work with David has proved to be a significant contribution to my ongoing recovery. David challenges me and encourages me to address all the components that affect my recovery. My approach to navigating my life and all of its challenges has benefited from David's wise and compassionate counsel. The weekly sessions I have with David are vital to maintaining my mental health. What's more, I always feel better after David helps me work through my issues. He always helps me stay encouraged."

- LA (F, 61) )

"David is an engaging listener who has provided me with valuable counsel in my relationships with family, colleagues, and the outside world. He is a key member of my personal board of directors and his feedback and suggestions have helped me to grow and meet challenges in life as they arise. I value our time together greatly."

- MM, (M, 38)

David was recommended to me by several professionals early in my addiction treatment. Our initial working relationship was successful because he treated me with respect. Eventually, it was his relatability and caring that meant I could work through elements of my recovery with him. He continues as my therapist because I see the value of a trusted counselor who is as comfortable challenging my assumptions as he is supporting the sober life I am living.

- CG (F, 60)

"After 20 years of hard living and heavy substance abuse, I found myself in a drunken valley of despair and emotional pain. Financially successfully but broken of mind and spirit. Upbringing and stigma had made me resistant to any form of assistance other than destructive self-help. With nowhere left to turn, I decided to give one-on-one therapy a try. After interviewing several therapists, I found the practice of David Shein. In Dave, I found an ally, a listener, and most importantly someone who had travelled the same dark and lonely roads of addiction that I myself was wandering down. Working with Dave, he showed me another path, a way out of the valley, and the value of a non-judgemental, non-family member, confident. He became my sounding board and together we built a new infrastructure for life. One that would allow me to rebuild and get on with my life, but sober this time. No magic tricks, no silver bullets, just compassionate friendship and direct honest feedback. I've been sober now for two years, my life scaled down, with balance, appreciation, and serenity. All of this wouldn't be possible without the patient, consistent, and often humorous advice from my good friend Dave Shein."

- JF (M, 40)

“David has helped me overcome my substance use disorder over the last 2.5+ years and is one of the main reasons I’ve been able to adapt to a life without alcohol. He also brings methods outside of just “talk” therapy, like CBT, meditation, readings and activities. I’ve developed quite a toolkit to manage daily life and have David to thanks for a lot of it! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get help with substance use/addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship issues etc.”

- KB (M, 31)

"Working with David has been an absolute pleasure. In reflecting on our work together, he has been patient, understanding, and kind. David has led me in the direction of self-love and mindfulness. He has consistently brought perspective to our conversations and allowed me to find different paths in grounding myself and steadying my mindset. David has a genuine interest in my-well being and has brought a high degree of personal care to our sessions. I greatly appreciate his work and professionalism and would recommend his services to anyone."

- PS (M, 31)

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David Shein